An introduction

I watched my first Academy Awards in 1997, the year The English Patient won all the awards. I was a naive 13 year old film buff, and looked at the Oscars as a guide to the quality movies to watch. My very first Oscars became an eye-opener. I remember that the rest of my family had seen The English Patient before me at the cinema, and to my surprise they hated it. I argued they had to be wrong, it won 9 Oscars, including Best Picture. How could the best picture not be the best picture? It didn’t make any sense. They had to be wrong, right?

So I watched it, and it was the worst thing I had ever seen! That naive 13 year old film buff suddenly became more cynical, and the Oscars no longer was the sure shot quality stamp I thought it was. Personal taste is a thing when it comes to art – who would have guessed.

It didn’t ruin the Oscars for me though, not at all. The next year I was just as eager as the year before to see who got the statues, although I was ready to not agree with the outcome. But this year was the year of the Titanic sweep, and I dug Titanic, so me and Oscar was all good… until I saw L. A. Confidential later on.

Turns out me and the Oscars are rarely on the same page when it comes to who should win. The Oscars is more a statement of where the mentality of Hollywood is every given year, and that’s very fascinating and entertaining to witness. I try to watch every nominated film every year, as I have done for the last few years now, before the ceremony. It’s fun to watch all of these movies in the context that is the Academy Awards, although I have to admit it’s almost more fun to disagree with the Oscars, than to agree.

As I’m writing this it’s been a few days since the 90th Academy Awards aired, and I’ve finished binging this years nominated films (I still have to watch Phantom Thread, as it hasn’t been released in Norway as of yet). I thought I should realize a crazy idea I’ve had for some time now; to watch every single Oscar nominated film ever, and this blog will be the place where I document the process, or else no one is going to believe me. In ten years, it will be the 100th Academy Awards, and this will be my deadline for the project. If i manage to do this, I really should be awarded an honorary Oscar. Awarded for stupidity, maybe. Or time wasted.

Let’s go!

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