Best Picture: 5th

Well, things have certainly changed from the last update. But, let’s not dwell on that, you can get your Corona-fix basically anywhere else right now if you want.
This week was the 5th ceremony, held later the same year as the 4th one. Of the Best Picture nominees I had only watched The Champ from earlier on.

One Hour with You (1932)
Charming, but not as good as The Love Parade that I watched a few weeks back. More of the same, not necessarily a bad thing, but it has already begun to fade from my memory.
Nominated for Best Picture in 1932.

Bad Girl (1931)
Reminded me a lot of The Crowd, just not as impactful or stylish. Here is an example by having audio simplifies the way a story is told. It is still good, though.
Winner of Best Director and Best Writing, Adaptation in 1932.
Nominated for Best Picture.

Grand Hotel (1932)
Good drive, impressively orchestrated scenes. Immersive. My favorite of the bunch and the worthy winner.
Winner of Best Picture in 1932.

The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)
Again more of the same as The Love Parade and One Hour with You. Is Maurice Chevalier singing the same tune in all of the films?
Nominated for Best Picture in 1932.

Five Star Final (1931)
Bleak as fuck! And scary in that nothing has not really changed. Anthony Bushell is really not a good actor. Hopefully he gets better as he gains more experience.
Nominated for Best Picture in 1932.

Shanghai Express (1932)
I had high hopes for this, but it turned up “only” good. Dietrich and the cinematography, and the combination of the two, elevates several of the scenes.
Winner of Best Cinematography in 1932.
Nominated for Best Picture and Best Director.

Arrowsmith (1931)
I enjoyed this quite a bit, but it looses it’s momentum during the last half. The ending is satisfactorily, though.
Nominated for Best Picture, Best Writing, Adaptation, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction in 1932.

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