The 88th Academy Awards 2016

I just recently re-watched the ceremony for the 2016 oscars, and it is hands down the best produced and presented oscars as I can remember. I really love the showreels during the nominees, especially the sound editing one, showcasing what that category actually means. Why they don’t do this every year I don’t understand. Make it so during the next ceremony, you hear!

I only had one film left for completing the list of nominees: A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.

You guessed it, here are my opinions:

Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight
Not the biggest shock, since it is an “important” script, but it is so conventional and forgettable. Ex Machina is a masterpiece of a script, and my pick without any doubt

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short
I also get why this won, and I don’t mind. My pick would be The Martian, clever, smart and funny (but not Golden Globes best comedy funny).

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl
The Danish Girl is such an empty, stupid, annoying oscar-baity film, but Alicia Vikander solid and easily the highlight in the movie. But in my make believe universe she really won this for Ex Machina. Anyways, among the nominees Jennifer Jason Leigh batshit insane performance in The Hateful Eight is my favorite.

Best Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
Okay, here we go. Mad Max: Fury Road deserved an award for every category it was nominated in.

Best Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
See Best Costume Design.

Best Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road
See Best Production Design.

Best Cinematography: The Reventant
Extremely strong category this year, and usually I am Team Lubezki every chance I get, but his cinematography in The Revenant felt a bit off. It felt needlessy flashy with really fakelooking transitions at times. I actually like The Revenant the least of all the nominees. Mad Max: Fury Road is the real winner here.

Best Film Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
See Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Best Sound Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
See Best Film Editing.

Best Sound Mixing: Mad Max: Fury Road
See Best Sound Editing.

Best Visual Effects: Ex Machina
See Best Sound Mixing.

Best Animated Short: Bear Story
I adore both We Can’t Live Without Cosmos and World of Tomorrow, both in different ways. But We Can’t Live Without Cosmos moved in ways animated films rarely do, so it get’s my vote.

Best Animated Feature: Inside Out
Maybe the most schizofrenic category every. Shaun the Sheep and Anomalisa is in the same category!
My pick is When Marnie Was There. Be-a-uti-ful!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies
This made me so sad. This will probably be Sylvester Stallone’s last nomination in his career (a bit pessimistic, I know, but come on) and it would have been such a sweet historic win, and really deserved too. He was hands down the best performance in the category. Oh well, back to my make believe universe I go. It’s so cozy here.

Best Documentary Short: A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
So good! And terrifying. Don’t see this if you have trouble believing in humanity.

Best Documentary Feature: Amy
Once again, it’s the documentary that has gained the most buzz that wins. Doesn’t matter how good it actually is, and it helps a great deal if it’s a music documentary. Nothing wrong about Amy, but it is not in the same league as The Look of Silence, the follow-up to The Act of Killing, that also lost to a music documentary some years back.

Best Live Action Short: Stutterer
I have to admit, I’m having a hard time remembering these films, except Day One for being kind of bad, and Ave Maria for being kind of enjoyable. So I have to pick Ave Maria for at least making me remember it.

Best Foreign Language Feature: Son of Saul
Good and claustrophobic film, and a good category overall. I enjoyed all of the nominees, but Embrace of the Serpent and Mustang are the standouts in my opinion.

Best Original Score: Ennio Morricone for The Hateful Eight
Yes! Finally! Give the man all the oscars! I have to mention Jóhann Jóhannsson’s score for Sicario that any other year would have been my pick.

Best Original Song: “Writing’s on the Wall” from Spectre
Jesus christ! Not that any of the songs does anything for me, but Writing’s on the Wall is such a boring and bland song. And a horrible performance. And a weird oscar speech. No no no, not a fan. I do not want to make Fifty Shades of Grey a oscar winning film, but I would have probably given the award to The Weeknd. But I don’t like it.

Best Directing: Alejandro G. Iñárritu for The Revenant
Really? Really? You know that George Miller was nominated. For the best directed film in like forever. Really? Sigh…

Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson for Room
Not surprising, and a good choice, but secretly I was hoping for Charlotte Rampling to win.

Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant
It could have been worse. It could have been Eddie Redmayne’s superficial and cringeworthy performance in The Danish Girl. Stop your half-blinking and the caressing of clothes. But come on, DiCaprio’s role in the The Revenant is not acting, it’s an endurance test. By that standard pro-wrestlers should get nominated. And I really don’t get why people thought it was DiCaprio’s time to win an oscar. His best performance was in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and he has never been as good since then.
Michael Fassbender should have won. He was good.

Best Picture: Spotlight
Whatever. I’m in my make believe universe watching repeats of Mad Max: Fury Road winning.

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