The Devils

It’s October, and this week’s theme is a poor excuse for something spooky-sounding, when it is far from it. The scariest thing is that there are two “devil” movies than are considered lost, “4 Devils” and “The Devil Dancer”, so here’s all that’s left:

The Frog, the Dog, and the Devil (1986)
Not good. It has some nice visuals with dark silhouettes against colorful animation, but it has one frog and one dog too many to be a concise and engaging story.
Nominated for Best Short Film, Animated in 1987.

The Devil Pays Off (1941)
It has only been a few days since I saw this and I am already beginning to forget it. Not a good sign. Tries to be slick and clever, but fails most of the time. The firework scene is cute enough.
Nominated for Best Sound, Recording in 1942.

The Devil’s Holiday (1930)
Perfectly charming young leads, and engaging story until “the accident” where it gets extremely stale, when it could have gone in a much more interesting path.
Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Nancy Carroll) in 1930.

Traffic with the Devil (1946)
Surprisingly brutal, it really caught me off guard. Before the last 10 minutes it is a perfectly fun time capsule, then you get smacked across the face by horrifying images. The comment about lost films being the scariest notion this week… I take it back.
Nominated for Best Documentary, Short Subjects in 1947.

The Devil and Miss Jones (1941)
This was a treat. Fun and charming characters. Really interesting and quirky framing when it comes to cinematography. The ending, though, is really abrupt and unsatisfying. I felt a bit cheated.
Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Charles Coburn) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay in 1942.

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