The Frozen North

Hi there, long time no see. It was not my intension that the next blog post would be published over a month after the last one, but then life happened. Just a whole lot of thing that took up all of my time. But, over the last month I have seen movies, just not as many as I would like to have. I have also seen some of the candidates in the newly named International Film category; And Then We Danced from Sweden, System Crasher from Germany and A White, White Day from Iceland.

It looks like I am not able to fokus on weekly themes until February next year. I will still watch oscar nominated movies, but weekly updates will be sparse for the next few months.

Here in Norway, it is full blown winter, and it has been this way for the last month. So, I picked some movies that suited the cold weather.

White Wilderness (1958)
Feels very fake at times. And at times it is very nice. Good paced and nice flowing, jumping from species to species.
Winner of Best Documentary, Features in 1959.
Nominated for Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture.

Nine Lives (1957)
Finally, I got to see this. It is almost embarrassing it has taken this long. The ending is very abrupt, but the story is intense all the way.
Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (Norway) in 1958.

The Spoilers (1942)
Kind of boring. Not very much to say, really. John Wayne being John Wayne-y.
Nominated for Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-White in 1943.

Road to Utopia (1946)
Very dated humour. Some funny moments, but I could not stand the meta stuff.
Nominated for Best Writing, Original Screenplay in 1947.

Into the Wild (2007)
Very moving. Hal Holbrook is fantastic and the nomination is well deserved.
Nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Hal Holbrook) and Best Achievement in Film Editing in 2008.

March of the Penguins (2005)
It’s good, but not great. Maybe all the BBC documentaries that has come since have spoiled me.
Winner of Best Documentary, Features in 2006.

Eskimo (1933)
Too long, but plenty of good stuff. I appreciate the use of none professional actors. It adds a rawness to the film that is very effective.
Nominated for Best Film Editing in 1935.

Jack London (1943)
Generic stuff. Will slip out of my memory in no time. Why does the lead actors look at the forehead of the co-actors?
Nominated for Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture in 1945.

City of Gold (1957)
A nice short, telling the story of a small mining town. It paints the picture really well.
Nominated for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects in 1958.

The Flight of the Eagle (1982)
Jan Troell is a director I have seen too little of. Everything I have seen from him I have liked. This one included.
Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (Sweden) in 1983.

The Alaskan Eskimo (1953)
A nice an intimate portrait of an eskimo community. Again, the narration from Disney I could do without. It does not feel earnest and a bit condescending
Winner of Best Documentary, Short Subjects in 1954.


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